Retro Pixel Smasher

An epic arcade action 2d platformer with insane boss battles!

Retro Pixel Smasher

  • Retro Pixel Smasher will smash your nostalgia factor exactly where you are craving it most. Smashing bricks, blasting enemies, conquering levels and destroying the final boss – you can be sure it will be a fun action-packed ride!
  • With amazing costumes, big weapons, epic powerups and easy controls – Retro Pixel Smasher will hit that sweet spot, making you having hours and hours of fun!

Awesome Features

  • 5 Boss Battles to conquer!
  • 13 super action packed levels (3 stages per level = 29 playable levels! Epic!!)
  • Customize your character by choosing outfits, hair styles, eye colour and more!
  • Insane obstacles, Rocket launchers, spinning blades, spring bouncers, moving platforms, falling spikes etc.
  • Share your hero with your friends!
  • Easy controls to move, jump, bounce, shoot and beat the final boss!

Story Line

  • In a magical world long long ago, where everything is made out of pixels. Retro, the greatest pixel hero of them all, discovered a little black pixel.
  • Retro feared the worst… it’s a dead pixel, a black-hole in the multiverse! An occurrence he has feared since the beginning of time.
  • Walking towards the little dead pixel, Retro touched it ever so slightly… POOF! Oh No! He got sucked into an unknown Pixel Bad Land!

Help Retro find a way home!

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