Awesome Space Shooter: Privacy Policy

The Awesome Space Shooter game does not collect nor store any important personal information.
We use services that use the Internet to provide ads. These services may collect information such as the user’s age, location, language, device model and the version of Android. It is important to note that these information is kept in absolute secrecy.

External Services used :
Google AdMob
Google Play Services

Some permissions are required for our apps run. Check the list below which is the purpose of each one:

• “In-app purchases” – Used to remove the ads through a purchase made on Google Play. The transaction is made exclusively on Google Play. Awesome Space Shooter never receives information as login, password and credit card number.
• “Storage” – Used to install game on SD card.
• “Read Phone State”, “Get Accounts” – used for login services only – Awesome Space Shooter never collects nor saves user data.

Any questions regarding our privacy policy please send an email to