Gameplay Preview – Dude Dancer

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Controls : 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to press game play dance buttons. Preview is available for Desktop Windows/Mac only – Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.


A rhythm game for your mobile device that will keep you on the edge of your seat, ready to jump up and dance. Great timing and epic combination will make Dude Dancer dance like no other. The better dance moves performed the more the crowd in the club will love you, the more the crowd loves you the more score you will get.


A total of 23 original songs. Escalating difficult. The first 7 songs will be unlocked by default, the other songs you can unlock by using the stars you collected. The better you play the songs, the more stars collected, the more stars collected the more songs you can unlock to be the ultimate club dancer!


Dude Dancer will be in the middle of your screen dancing and pleasing the crowd, while you tap to the rhythm with 5 buttons (2 on each side of Dude Dancer and 1 in the middle). The game will be in a landscape mode, making it easy to get fast moving targets and combination moves.

Crowd side-scroller, club lights, Audio Equalizer, Voice Overs, Text Overlays and more, will change on the beat of the music. A great audio visualization effect full of color will have you dancing all the way.

Dude Dancer has realistic. cool and sweet looking dance moves. After researching most of the club dance moves we have chosen a few of the best. Once you tap the first button you can’t help but to jump up and dance with.


Awesome beats with epic melodies! We have chosen a combination of techno, dubstep and rave music that will leave you whistling melodies for weeks on end 🙂 yes, it’s going to be that amazing. We worked side by side with a very talented DJ that created every song from the ground up.

Screen Grabs of Awesome!

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